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Something making me happy right now :)

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I am always willing to try new things like most chefs and culinarians. However a Mexican restaurant in Florida took it to far in my opinion, when they decided to put Lion tacos on the menu. Yes Lion, like simba…not cool! And not only that, they charged $34.99 each for these “King of the Jungle” tacos. Are you serious, for some cat tacos!? I have plenty of cats on my block, all I need to do is back my car out at the right time and I can get that for free lol.

All jokes aside Lions are an endangered species. Yes I know it may be a great marketing ploy and you always need an edge in this industry, but it is unacceptable to decrease an already vulnerable population for publicity and financial gain! There are plenty of farm raised exotic meats available out there we don’t need to start checking off the endangered species list. Additionally I am appalled that this is even legal in the United States.

I know they don’t have lions in Mexico, what happened to authenticity…


Can’t sleep so I thought I’d blog. here it comes.


"Does the Aflac duck look delicious to anyone else or is it just me?"

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Heirloom Tomato Summer Gazpacho

Chop up all raw ingredients, and herbs, combine with Olive oil salt and vinegar

Marinate for at least 8 hours, blend mixture, add coconut milk.

Serve with extra virgin olive oil, and fresh salsa.


I know this title may give the impression that I have taken a vacation from my beloved culinary arts, however, since I have finally taken a vacation from my job it has allowed me to indulge some of my culinary inspirations and urges that I cannot on a daily basis. Hence a Culinary Vacation :)

One of my first stops on my trip to the Shenendoah Valley in  Virgina was at the Local Farmers Market (a pic of my bounty incuded).

I will follow this post with step by step pictures of my creations from these beautiful, fresh ingredients. The relish and Compond butter were to compliment these great NY Strip steaks we bought with us that I grilled outside. The things I made were;

  • Charred Scallion and Pepper Relish
  • Chimmichuri Compound Butter
  • Heirloom Tomato Summer Gazpacho with Coconut Milk and salsa
  • Delicious Steaks :)

I will include written recipes as soon as I can figure out how to link them… hehe he


Fortunately soon after that post I took a job at one of the most promising and lively new restaurants in NYC. Soooo, that being said my post of the pics tomorrow turned into my post in a year lol. Sorry for the wait :)